7 Reasons why having Friends from Different Backgrounds is Beneficial
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I was blessed to have studied in a college with many international students, leading me to have many friends from different backgrounds. But friends from different backgrounds doesn’t have to mean that their nationalities are different. It could mean two friends from the same city but with religious and cultural differences, or the friendship of a poor kid and a rich kid. It could even be your neighbour.

There are many benefits that can be gained from having friends from different backgrounds.

1. It broadens our horizons

I learned so much and in the process broadened my horizons. No textbook could have taught me what I learned from my friends. It made me realise that there are so many things I could do that I never gave a thought to before.

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2. Makes us more open minded

I became much more open minded because of being immersed in so many different lifestyles. I realised that there is not always one right way of doing things. There are many different ways of doing something or behaving in a certain situation, and all of these ways could be right.

3. Increases our compassion

We get baffled by the stories our friends tell us. Some situations we would never image happen in our own lives. Because of our different backgrounds we can even give constructive, unbiased advice. This increases our compassion.

4. Causes us to becomes less judgmental

Because your horizons are broadened and you have an open mind, your judgement tends to drop or stop all together.

5. Increases our communication

We realise we can communicate without a language. Body language starts becoming very important. Our senses are heightened.

6. Makes us humble

We realise that other people don’t value material things the way we do.  Some people do not have enough to the luxuries we are blessed to have. This leads us to becoming humble.


7. Increases our faith in humanity

We find people who are actively doing their part to uplift humanity. The fact that this is a person who is not from your predefined community gives you hope that there are more and more noble people across the globe. It makes us believe that the world  is a better place.

Have you experienced other benefits? If so please comment below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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