Abundance, Giving, and the Law of Attraction
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I am an ardent believer in the Law of Attraction. I believe that my thoughts work towards manifesting reality. In order to manifest, I should be content in the present by believing I have abundance in the present. A great way to implement this is by giving.

When you give, you are:

  • Happy because you helped others;
  • Abundant because you had something to give.

Abundance is not just about money

Ever noticed how many wealthy people are philanthropists? They practice giving, and still remain wealthy. Similarly, when we give, we will not lack. Read about how you can be a ‘poor’ philanthropist here

Remember that abundance is not only in the form of money. You could have an abundance of time, skills to teach, a great listening ability, etc.

Things you can do 

Something which I always do is to wish a pregnant lady well in my mind. I would see a lady who is pregnant walking by and I would mentally say “I hope you have a healthy, happy, adorable child, or children (in case she was expecting twins or more).

When I see a dead animal on the roadside, I would say a quick prayer. Praying that it’s beautiful soul rest in peace.

When I was little, I prayed for all the pets I knew of who were ill-treated, being tied up for too long, being in a cage. I used to continuously feel depressed and sad, because I was younger than 10 and didn’t know how to help. I learned of the SPCA after that.

I became a vegetarian when I was 4 because I felt terrible that animals had to be killed for us to eat them. I refused to eat meat. In my twenties I stopped using any sort of leather products and became a vegan after realising the cruelty involved in milk production. All the things I did above were not directly related to money. You can be a star in other people’s lives.

I ask that you please do this. The joy you receive from helping others is as magnificent as the joy they receive from your generous help. 

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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