Be a Hero – Donate
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

To be able to donate is a blessing, and something which we should do more often. Donating may seem like a bit of effort but if done, the person who receives it is filled with so much of appreciation and happiness that your efforts are well worth it.

I almost always had second hand clothes while growing up. I appreciated them so much, as much as I would new clothes, because they meant a lot to me. You might think your item is not worth donating. But being a part of non-profit organisations and coming from a poor background, I can tell you first hand, your donations count!

You can donate things besides money.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be in the form of money. Old shoes? Yes please! A torn bed sheet? Can be sewed up and used by the less financially fortunate. An extra sandwich? Give it to the hungry dog on the street.

Writing this makes me feel so sad thinking of all the humans and animals who are suffering. But I strive to remember those who help, and continue to help. And I remember the sparkling eyes filled with gratitude for what they receive. I also remember how those humble people and animals would call their friends and family to share in their new found treasures or food.

Please help!

You could be a hero every day. Even if you don’t have anything to donate. Give them your time. Smile. Treat them as your equals. Lend a helping hand to non-profit organisations or similar initiatives by volunteering. It doesn’t always have to be about donating money.

And lastly, please don’t let that one ungrateful person, or the underhanded non-profit organisation that you might have come across, stop you from helping the masses.

Please be their superhero.  

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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