Benefits of Grooming
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I groom myself whenever I feel terrible. This does not have to mean putting on make-up or going to a spa. It could be as simple as brushing your hair, trying a new hair style, making sure your clothes are well pressed, or even sitting up straight. There are so many quick, easy, and inexpensive things you can do.

We tend to treat ourselves with something sweet to eat. Why not do the same with grooming? We actually should do it. Some benefits of grooming are discussed below:

1. Better Hygiene

A person who is well groomed tends to be quite hygienic. Grooming and good hygienic practices go hand in hand.

2. Increase in Health

Because of experiencing good hygiene you would naturally become healthier. It will be more difficult for you to pick up infections.

3. Increased Confidence

The day of the exam I would devote at least half an hour after showering to grooming myself. No matter what exam it might have been, or if I had enough time to revise or not, I would make sure I took the time to look good. This quirky ritual helped me. I felt so confident in the exam room. I was calm and felt I could handle anything thrown at me.

By no means were all exams easy. Some were, some were not.  But for the exams which were difficult, I handled it quite well if I do say so for myself. I was as cool as ice as I read the question. If no textbook answer came to mind, I’d take a few minutes to think in a “common sense” sort of way. I was confident.

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4. Higher Self- Esteem

Self-esteem refers to how much self-love, or how positively you regard yourself. Grooming definitely helps increase your self-esteem.  At the end of the day when I got home from work, I would place cucumbers under my eyes and rest them for 10 minutes. My family would laugh at me. But because of caring for myself by doing these little things – consistently –  I ended up loving myself even more.

5. Great first impression

When you take time to make sure you are neat and tidy people will notice. This helps make a great first impression especially in the work environment, were everything counts towards getting that interview or promotion. You also never know when a good networking opportunity might occur. Being well groomed ensures you are ready for any prospective clients, partners, or other stakeholders you might meet around the corner.

What benefits have you experienced? Please share by commenting below. We love to hear your thoughts about all our articles.

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Wishing you lots of happiness.

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