Book Review – Orchids and Tamarind: The First Book on Life Vs Love

“Orchids and Tamarind: The First Book on Life vs Love”, written by Temi Cotek, is a collection of poems on relationships, life in general, and your connection with God.


Falling does not mean you can’t stand.


Cotek, Temi. “Anchor.” Orchids and Tamarind: The First Book on Life Vs Love.


As you may already know, I am an avid reader. I have always devoured books, blogs, and articles. It therefore brings me great pleasure to review a book written by my friend, Temi.

The writer has mastered the art of composing poems which are easy to understand and modern, but at the same time beautiful and timeless. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Just when you think you are getting used to it, it deep dives and gives you goosebumps once more.

Orchids and Tamarind


If you want a life;

You must respect time,

If you want to be heard;

You must be quiet,


Cotek, Temi. “Rhapsody of Life”. Orchids and Tamarind: The First Book on Life Vs Love.



I absolutely love the straightforward bluntness of “Guilty as Charged” and “Sin will always be Sin”. These poems highlight the fact that you make your own decisions and are therefore entirely responsible for it.

“Vengeful love” and “Pride” teaches about the pits that one can fall into while in a relationship. I really enjoyed these poems because it reminded me of how I should behave.

My favourite poems are “Highest above Heights”, “Tale of the Eternal Kindgom, “Make me a Star”, and “The Goldsmith”. These poems are almost like prayers to God. It gave me goosebumps reading it and at the same time, made me feel very peaceful.

The Toast


Losing you is like losing my breath, Without you, I’ll choke to death.


Cotek, Temi. “The Toast”. Orchids and Tamarind: The First Book on Life Vs Love.


“The Toast” deserves as special mention. Unfortunately words cannot describe the beauty of it. I feel I would just be putting you off it if I even tried to explain the experience I had reading this.

There are so many other poems that are equally beautiful but I’d really like for you to experience them yourself. I do not usually read poems, but I am so glad that I read these ones. Orchids and Tamarind is incredibly easy to understand but so deep with meaning that it would stay with you for days after.

Please do pick up a copy of this magnificent read, and let me know what you think.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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