Cooking for Myself
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Many self-help leaders have advocated the importance of loving yourself. I first came across this powerful concept when I read Kamil Ravikant’s amazing book “Love Yourself like your Life Depended on It”. It was mind altering. Little did I know, at that time, that loving myself also meant cooking for myself with love!

I thoroughly enjoy cooking. But when I lived alone, I realised I enjoyed cooking because I was sharing it with, or feeding other people. While living on my own I was still cooking for myself, but I cooked the simplest of meals and because it was healthy I thought that was enough. It was just one of those chores I had to do.

The Light Bulb Moment

Only when I became really sick, did I have this “random” thought. When I cooked for others I was cooking with love and enjoyment. When I was cooked for myself, I was making it a chore.

How could I love myself if I treat myself worse then other people? Even though I felt so sick, I forced myself to get into the kitchen and slowly prepared a good home cooked meal for myself.

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I took my time cutting the vegetables and thought good thoughts as I prepared the food.

The food was delicious, I ate slower than usual, enjoying every bite, and was grateful for the food. I kid you not, within half an hour I was feeling much better! The next day I was almost 100 percent back to normal.

Studies have shown that the molecules in water change when you say good things to it or pray with it. Just like that when you cook with good intentions and a positive mind your food can create such a positive difference. It can heal people.

Things I now do when I cook

  • think positive thoughts
  • play devotional music or mantras (I do this because I am religious, for those who are not, try playing some calm, relaxing music.)
  • be happy
  • be mindful as you prepare the food.

Wishing you lots of happiness and delicious, healthy meals!


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