Coronavirus Lockdown – Things to do
Photo by Alec Favale on Unsplash

As South Africa and other countries gear for a 3 week lockdown, let us make the most of this situation by doing things which would help us in the future. Let us be productive during this time. Many people have wished they could have a break from work. This is your wish granted.

1. Meditate

Do you remember how you said you did not have time to meditate? Well now you do. Even if you are working from home, a good chunk of your time is free because you are not travelling to and from work everyday.

2. Spring clean

Now is a great time to spring time. Everyone is in the house, so everyone can pitch in.

3. Work on projects you did not have time for

New recipes, arts and crafts, writing books, reading etc. now is a great time to work on these.

4. Help yourself

Follow those self-help exercises. Create vision boards, visualise, write down your goals, and prepare for the world after the lockdown.

5. Be active and keep to a schedule

Wake up at a certain time, do your chores, work on yourself, cook etc. It is essential to maintain a schedule so that you are able to do all that you want to do. 

6. Develop habits during the lockdown

Use this time to be strict on yourself and develop habits. Whether it is cooking healthier, exercising more often, or just sleeping more hours – now is the perfect time to start and maintain habits. If you manage to maintain the habit till the end of the lockdown, you probably will continue the habit after the lockdown.

If you follow the above if will help in eliminating cabin fever. We are blessed to be under a lockdown in this era where we have technology that provides use with information, and where we are able to speak to our loved ones. We are privileged to be heroes in the fight against this virus – just by staying at home.

Do not lose this once in a lifetime opportunity of having the time to drastically change your lifestyle and mindset.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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