Create a Digital Vision Board with OneNote
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I enjoy using technology to help with law of attraction practices, especially to make vision boards. It is so easy and fun to create a digital vision board using Microsoft OneNote.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of images or words which show what your goals are for the future. It is a law of attraction practice which keeps you motivated and happy about the goals, with the aim of them manifesting into reality.

I was not comfortable with the original way of putting up a vision board because I did not want other people to see it and I did not have a private place to put it. But making a digital vision board is a lot better because you can easily view it as many times as you want on your laptop or phone – privately.


OneNote is basically a digital notebook. You can add video files, photos, text, fancy text etc. You can divide it into different sections and subsections. If you love journaling or writing things down then this is a great program for you.

Although OneNote was not specifically designed to create a vision board, I happened to come across it on my laptop one day and decided to use it to design one.

Because of the collaborator feature, you can create a vision board with your partner or for your study group if it is related to academics.

I am sure there are other apps or programs that are specifically designed for vision boards but to be honest I have not actively looked for them. I enjoyed using OneNote so much that I didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere.

If you use other apps or programs to create digital vision boards please do comment about it below. We would highly appreciate it and I’m sure other readers would also love to know of new ways and apps to help them create vision boards.

Wishing you lots of happiness.



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