Look With Your Eyes
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There are situations in our lives in which we do not look with your eyes.

Driving a Car

A family member complained a lot about young pedestrians. He felt that generally, young pedestrians do not thank drivers who wait for them to cross the road. This person goes out of his way to allow a pedestrian to pass, and immediately complains about how they don’t say thank you.

One day I was sitting in the front passenger seat while he was driving. Two ladies walked across, one lady said the words thank you, the other lady picked up her hand, gesturing a thanks. My family member immediately started complaining about how they did not say thank you. I was dumb founded. How was he not able to see not one, but two people, thank him for his kind gesture?

I pointed out that they did thank him and said politely that he should look with his eyes.

Board Games

Another example is when I played the game DaVinci Code, in this board game each player has tiles with numbers. There are no doubles, so if you have a specific coloured number tile no other player will have that coloured number tile. I asked the other players if they have a specific tile and only after I asked them, I realised I had it.

In competing to win I was over thinking, without even seeing what was in front of me. It was so easy to just look with my eyes and see that I have it.

Look with Your Eyes by Having No Expectations

Now imagine how many of us might not be looking with our eyes. It’s a scary thought isn’t it?

From my limited knowledge on this subject, and completely from what I have experienced in my own life and the lives of those around me, I feel the way to combat this scary illusion is to have no expectations and to not over think. What are your thoughts?

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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