Review on Google Analytics for Beginners course from Google Analytics Academy
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Google Analytics Academy provides free, online courses dealing with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a browser-based software where you can see reports regarding user activity on your website, analyse where your users come from, and other interesting metrics.  All of this information can help you plan strategies to increase conversions. This review is about the Google Analytics for Beginners course from Google Analytics Academy.

Summary of the course

The Google Analytics for Beginners Course is divided into 4 units. Each unit has between 3 to 5 lessons. Each lesson consists of all or some of the following:

  • A short video;
  • An interactive session; and
  • Questions based on the interactive session.

At the end of each unit you are asked to do an assessment. The assessment consists of multiple-choice questions. Some questions can have more than one correct answer. You will not be penalised for answering incorrectly.

If you pass each of the 4 assessments with 80% or more, you will be awarded with a certificate at the end of the course. If, at first you did not get 80% on your assessment you can retake the assessment.

Once you pass all assessments and complete the end of course survey you will be awarded with a certificate. Please note that the certificate has an expiry date. The certificate will expire 3 years from the date you completed the course. See my certificate below.

Google Analytics for Beginners Certificate Awarded to Rasmi Singh
Looks classy doesn’t it?

I took just under a week to complete the course, but you can complete it much sooner if you wish to. What I liked about this course was the interactive sessions. I find it much easier to learn when I am doing it, rather than just watching a video. I also appreciate that the videos are short, most of them were less than 5 minutes.

Why you should do this course

Besides the course making your CV/resume look even better, it’s a very practical course that helps you understand your website. If you want to know thinks like:

  • How many users are viewing my website right now?
  • Which pages on my website is generating the most views?
  • Where do the users come from? What are their demographics?
  • What devices are used most often to view my website?
  • And much more.

You can register to view the analytics of your website right now, but doing the course will help you optimise the Google Analytics tool and it will help you understand the behaviour, acquisition, and audience reports much better.

After you complete this course there are other free, online courses offered by Google Analytics Academy. The next step from this course would most probably be the Advanced Google Analytics Course.

If you want to do the Google Analytics for Beginners Course from Google Analytics Academy you can sign up for it here.

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