Sweet Potatoes and the Preparer’s Mindset
Photo by Katarzyna Grabowska on Unsplash

The garden looked beautiful. The sweet potato plants were like ground cover and seemed to be eating up the mint and other small herbs. My dad and I were really excited. I was particularly excited because I had plans on cooking delicious dishes with these sweet potatoes. The problem was that I didn’t know any sweet potato recipes.

And so, as any teenager would, I googled it. Wow! There were so many sweet potato recipes. Each one looked better then the last and they all seemed pretty easy. I was ecstatic.

Perfect Recipe

I had to decide on a recipe and get cooking – but I didn’t. I kept telling myself I need to find the “perfect” recipe. For weeks all I did was look at recipes online. I can’t make it today, tomorrow would be better. No, the weekend would be perfect because I have more time and everyone can taste it. And it went on and on for approximately 2 months.

In the end my dad uprooted the sweet potatoes and gave them away because it was killing the other plants. Guess how many sweet potato dishes I made – ZERO!


Preparing Again

Years later, I completed my studies. I was ready to dive into the corporate environment, yet I found myself looking at other courses to study. I felt I was not prepared for the working world. I wanted to study something else instead of actually going out there and doing it.

I remembered the Sweet Potatoes.

Preparer’s mindset

That day I realised that some of us have the “preparer’s mindset” due to us feeling inadequate or not ready. We try our best to continuously prepare or gain knowledge about something.

Just Do it

There are certain situations in our lives that require us to do stuff. Preparing or learning before hand is important, but only up to a certain level. It is so important to take action. If you find yourself in this situation that’s great! You’ve recognised it, and now you can go out there and just do it.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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