The Importance of Action
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The law of attraction as explained by various proponents always highlights the importance of action. Yet a lot of people, me included, tend to forgot about that step and just concentrate on the positive thinking and being grateful steps.

Positive thinking and being grateful are immensely important. They will take us to a higher frequency level. Yet action, will catapult us to our goal. Consistent action.

For me, action is one of the more difficult steps. I feel this way because I usually am so stressed about how I’m going to reach my goals that I freeze when it comes to sitting down and doing it. Case in point – Living in a Hotspot. I know for the past few months I have been such a slowpoke. I apologise for this.

What are the things we can do to overcome this? I am still in the process of finding out. But as of now, these are what help me:

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Mark off on the calendar how many days you spend directly working towards your goal.

The reason I say directly, is because I used to make myself feel better by saying if I concentrate on my health, or my day job, I am also working towards my goal. This is true, but it’s not going to help you reach your goal as fast as doing both direct and indirect work.

Schedule a time to work on your goal.

Even if you are frozen with fear. Stick to that time and just be there, weather it’s in front of the laptop, or practicing a sport, etc. Just be present.

Be realistic in your weekly schedules.

An hour three times a week is way more effective then 3 hours twice a month. Your schedule should be so easy that you do not feel even the slightest bit of stress about it.

Do not have a preparer’s mindset.

There are times that we might feel we need to prepare for something, but we spend all our time preparing and not doing.  I call this the preparer’s mindset. We could lose amazing opportunities if we do this often. Trust in yourself. You can do it! 

I hope these ideas have helped you. Please share your tips by commenting below.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

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